About us

Si and Russ along with other founder members formed Essex Ghost Hunters about fifteen years ago and have been successfully been running paranormal ghost hunting events ever since.  Over the years we have built a great reputation by building our excellent team of people who run the events alongside us. We try to run at least one ghost hunt a month and ensure we only work in small groups to give our guests the best possible experience. We also run a mediumship circle online and would like to progress this to a physical class in the Essex area.

Si saw in a vision back in 2010 that one day we will be running a shop. This materialised on the 15th April 2022 and we are very much enjoying the experience.  We have already grown the shop and are now presenting our products online.

Russ coined the phrase “Trust the Process” at one of our early mediumship classes and this has become our slogan.  Trust and ask Spirit and good things will happen.

Si is ready to take his healing powers to the next stage and level and has helped a few people that have visited the shop.  

Our promise is always give back to spirit by helping people by passing on messages, healing, or by providing spiritual advice and even house visits to clear bad energies.

We hope to one day open a reading room and healing centre.